Friday, March 31

Tokyo run!

Home for a few days only...Incoming 4 months are more on the go than home.  

It's been a year since I moved to Japan now from China. After the move I've started to run everyday I can, eat less meat, drink less alcohol. Body weight has decreased about 10 kg since Shanghai days. Some people say they feel more energetic when going through these "transformations" but for me it's more and less the same. If you want to drop your weight, focus more on what you eat, not how much you workout. More greens, fish and cut the beef and pork off your diet. 

Running around Tokyo is of the very best things living here! A few awesome pics from Harumi, Tsukishima and Kachidoki! 

Harumi port, gorgeous sunset 
Rainbow bridge in the background
Local neighbourhood
Wonder if they are making this deeper? 
Spring is in the air! Soon it will be time for Sakura in Japan! 
Found probiotics in these Korean chocolates. They were amazing! I don't remember when since I had this good dark choco. 
Goodbye Tokyo...See you in a few hours Phuket 

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