Sunday, April 9

Tokyo Sakura time

Was on the road 8 days but felt like 8 weeks. So much to organise for a big group, never the less a lot of fun and a great week.

One of the most popular seasons in Tokyo is on: Sakura!  Too bad I don't have time to see the full bloom because of travels but at least got a glimpse of this beautiful season. And soooooo many tourists from all over the world talking selfies with flowers. Hotels must be running on very high capacity next few weeks. 

Birds also seem to be into Sakura

People already starting Sakura drinking picnics before full bloom is on
Skytree from Tsukuda. The island I love :)
 Not really sure...
So fluffy birds!

The park in Shinjuku had more "developed" flowers

White, pink, red Sakuras
Weather was grey and boring but the flowers def brought in some color

Because everyone wants to take a picture with the tree
And of course some Chinese wedding photographers
Kaj checking out his first Sakuras with mommy! 
Red Sakura!
Difficult to get a better evening view than this. Waiting for the warm sunny weather to come so I can sit on the sofa in the sunshine 

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