Tuesday, April 11

Manila Vanilla

Back to the tropics! Sunshine and 30+ all week was fantastic. Would have been even better if I wouldn't have had to wear a suit. But at least it's warm and I loooove the heat.

Seaside sunset, love the redness 
Had the honor to host a speaker that flew all the way from Europe just for 1 presentation. We had a full house of Filipino paediatricians who came to listen to the symposium during Philippines Paediatric Society.

Gave a tour around Intra Muros as well. The old Spanish colonial fort. Beautiful place.

Had some fantastic wings are Buffalo Wild Wings...and a long pass at the gym next day too 

 Good morning Manila. Took me 3 seconds to realise where I was after waking up 
 Opening Ceremony was quite the show! 

 Doctors had made their own dance shows 

 Shangri-la Fort has the best hotel gym I've been at!! 
Do you even lift? Walking around with this is good stuff 
Hotel pool aint that bad either 
 Preparing for the big show 
 People were lining up for our symposium 
 Full house of 350 paediatricians 
Thanks Unilab & local team who made this possible! 
 Had lunch as Sofitel. I must say it was the most impressive lunch I've had in my life so far. They had EVERYTHING!! Even this room FULL of cheese, parma ham, salami and other dried meat. I'm in food heaven!! 
Sofitel has a nice seaside view as well 
Fort Santiago
 Boats passing by, this river really needs a cleanup 
 San Augustin Church in Intra Muros, one of the oldest in Asia from 1571! 

 Had dinner at the Nobu Restaurant in City Of Dreams, really amazing fusion Japanese food here.
 And the interior is niiiiice as well 
 Manila traffic...wait wait and wait 
 The Unilab campus is really state of the art! 

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