Friday, April 28

It's summer again Tokyo!!

Finally the days below 15 degrees are over! Mom just called telling me about hail and snow mixed rain back home....Tokyo is def best time of the year now, if your planning a trip here go for May. Incoming 40 degrees and VEEERY humid later on... Managed to catch some of the last Sakuras 2017 :)

Home sweet home! Love Tsukuda! 
Sakura from our balcony, pretty sea of flowers 
House covered in flowers! 
There is a running track along the whole Sumida river
Run around Harumi 
Took part in the 120th Japanese pediatric conference with our team 
 Japan BioGaia boys 
 Dinner with delegates & doctors 
Sky is often orange but seldom blood red like this 
 Muumin is very popular here 
 Need to go take a set with Mario Karts now that the weather is warm again 
 A weekend out in Tokyo, second time this year. Great tunes Dj Nepo 

 Wedding after party in Roppongi lasted until 3 am 
Congrats Hugo 
 Mori Tower dark and quite at night 
And a nice strong coffee after a long night out. In the sunshine...!

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