Monday, May 8

Product launch in Thailand - Pattaya

Pattaya is known for many things and now also our historical launch in Thailand! It's about 10 years since I was here last time and it's hasn't much changed. This is probably one of the worse touristy places you can come to in Thailand. If you're looking for a nice family vacation keep a distance from here. For party with your buddies this place will be FUN!

After a 6,5 hour flight and 2 hour car ride it was nice to see this view from the hotel 
 Evening beach sunset
 Shops restaurants and bars, that's all there is here
 Evening dinner with Abbott 
Heineken was obviously a sponsor at this restaurant 
 Start the morning with our awesome ascot - The only King i kneel to 
 Day symposium about our probiotics 

 Sunset dinner with the team, nice place! 

 They were serious with the beer size! 3 liters bottoms up 
Walking street, not like your average street 
 Early morning run in the heat! 32 degrees and humid is a veeeery sweaty run 
 Hail to King 
Seen this graffiti character in Phuket and Singapore. Wonder who the artist is 
Lunch with this view 
Evening dinner at a seafood place in a more southern province called Chonburi

 Cheers for a great week :)
 Last day it started raining. A LOT!! So we decided to check out the waterpark. 
 Rain stopped and sun came out when arriving, luckyyy. Cartoon Network park
 Evening dinner above the city

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