Monday, May 30

Here & there around Tokyo

Been so busy with planning the wedding, school, work and moving that haven't really had time to write much. But some pictures from the last 2 weeks! 

Found the source of evil in Shinagawa 
K.O, Shinjuku got the best out of this guy 
Gay Pride in Shibuya 
Soooo good burgers at Shakeshack 
Mario Kart around the city. Have to go and try this! 
Had a beer at Kawaii Monster Cafe again 
Park Hyatt - Lost in Translations skybar 
Love the clear blue mornings 
Good food ahead! 
Amazing Sushi at Hagihara in Ginza 
Suicide safe hotel
 Afuri ramen is one of the best you can have in Tokyo 
 Found some of our products in the store, very well placed....

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