Saturday, June 11

Nikko temples & forest!

Some family time in Nikko! Both Sudos & Nummelins all drove out to Nikko which is about 200km outside of Tokyo. The forest here is unlike any other I've seen before. The trees and temples here are hundreds of years old and it really shows, haven't seen anything like this before.

One American Trader from long ago has his mansion here which now serves as a restaurant. Great lunch!

American Traders holiday mansion, now called Meiji-no Yakata
Beef stew served in a different way
Front yard old phone booth
 Moshi moshi herro 
 Into the forest 
 These massive trees probably take 4 adults to hug 

Wash your hands and mouth before entering 

 The details on these temples!! 

 Can't heard see or talk to you 
Saturday night 

 Family in action 
 All that gold! 

 Walking up to the top of the peak where the old Shogun General used to pray

 Probably one of the coolest temple toilets ever
 The painter had never seen an elephant, he just followed what someone has described to him what an elephant was. Fat creature that's brown ish with tusks? Close enough. 

 Bad luck fortunes are tied up outside the temple
 Pray for some good fortune 
 Over the hills and far away

 Fangorn forest 
Good night Nikko 

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