Monday, May 9

Klara vappen & Happy Labor Day

Glada / Klara Vappen! It's been ages since I was in Helsinki on May the 1st. Us Finnish-Swedes gather in Kaisaniemi park in the morning on May 1st. Everyone who graduated from high school wears their graduation hat (Student mössan) on April 30th night and whole May 1st. No matter where in Finland you are. I did this in Sweden too but found out I was the only one in Stockholm doing so 2 years ago...Tack Hede & Emmi for the Champagne and food! Would have been nice to stay longer in Helsinki on this perfect day but had to rush to the airport and catch my flight to Tokyo at 5 pm.

Only time of the year when you kind find all Swedish speaking Finns in 1 spot
 Could not have hoped for a better picnic weather
 Choice of drinks today was definitely Champagne 
 The student parties this day are huge

Chem wishing everyone happy labour day! 
 What a perfect day! Hasn't been 15 degrees and sunny here in a long long time
 Central Railway Station 
 They were well prepared for May 1st at the Finnair lounge! Champagne is kind of a must on May 1st. One of the very few times I ever have alcohol in the lounges 

 Got a Marimekko plane to go "home" with
 Bye bye Helsinki, was a really nice 16 hour stay! Be back in July again

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