Sunday, May 8

Antwerpen - More old gorgeousness

Time flies, it's almost 10 years ago since I did my 2 month Euro trip. Antwerpen was the second stop on that trip. Still remember how amazing the city felt like just by arriving at the train station. Perfect to walk around, but last time the whole city was empty of people. This time tourists were everywhere. Maybe it's just become more popular than before. Or maybe everyone comes here and avoids going to Brussels after the terror attacks. 

Walked around a few hours with my guests from Philippines and then headed to the airport. Airport is a mess and you should book at least 3 hours in order to make it your plane. There are 2 security checks with long lines. Armed personell has locked down the place tight! Avoid this place if you can for now...

Welcome to Antwerpen! 
Beautiful city hall in the center of all attractions.
All the buildings around the central square are prettyyy! 
 Cathedral of our lady with Rubens 4 masterpiece inside. Tickets 8 euros. Very majestic gothic church
Inside the Cathedral of Our Lady


The details! 
 Lot of small shops are the central area, choose from aaaany beer you like!
 Probably the best apron a bar tender can have 
 The walking street in the center 

Rubens house. Time didn't permit to visit this place again, so much more tourists than 2009.  

 Central Square
 Visit the Hetsteen Castle just 10 minute walk from the main square

 If it would have been warmer a beer by the river would have been great 
 Feeling bad about drinking because all the extra calories? No worries! Now you can drink and work out at the SAME time! 
 Probably the most beautiful train station

 Need to pass security just to get IN to the airport. Inside the airport there is a second check
 Everyone is checked + bags
 Was a bit confusing difficult where I was to check in my luggage 
 In memorial
 Finnairs check in desk was luckily empty, finally back home again! 

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