Friday, May 6

Gorgeous old Ghent

I had no idea to what kind of city I was going to, but when arriving it was so much more than I had even wished to hope for! Absolutely gorgeous! Old houses, massive gothic cathedrals and very very old bars and restaurants. If I would have known it was the beautiful here I would have come here years ago! If you like old buildings, castles, history, walking around and good beer this is your place.

This skyline is something you don't see in many places...
The Saint Bavos Cathedral is like a time machine. Can imagine how people felt about it for hundreds of years ago when other buildings in the city was  just 1 or 2 floors. God must really have seemed to be the most powerful thing people could think of. Even now after hundreds of years it still feels majestic 
Super Gothic! 
 Cool paper art 

Het Belfort van Ghent. The 14th century watch tower you can go up to for 6 euros. Very nice view of the city but chose the wrong cloudy day to go. 

Saint Niklaas Church
Dragons? up in the clock tower...
 Saint Baafsplein
 Like a viking ship upside down? Funny looking City Pavilion  
City Hall is fit for a king! 
 Oldest hotel in Europe! Now a bar and restaurant. Immediately fell in love with this place! If I ever own a bar I'm going to make it look something like this. This place was open for business back in 1128! To think it's been standing here for almost 1000 years. So much must have happened here

Second floor 

Ye old guest room from 1128! The whole house is so full of stuff, but that got me thinking that if they bought 5 things a year it would add up to about 5000 in 1000 years. 
Beer me 
 Korenmarkt one early morning before all the tourists wake up
 Around the Korenmarkt there are a lot of old cool restaurants and bars. Food here in this city is amazing! And prices are very reasonable. 
 Traditional Ghent candy 

 Reflections by the river flowing through this gorgeous little town.

The center of the city offers 1 hour boat rides for 7 euros. Didn't have time to go and it was a bit too cold for that yet.

The old market place hall. Ham drying in the roof 
 Gravensteen - A medieval castle in Ghent from 1180. Was never really used much for battle and is in amazing shape! Really a must see if visiting. Does not take too long for a peek around the dungeons. 
Inside the castle feeling like Game of Thrones 

Perfect view over the city from here! 

Down in the dungeons 
Knights and armory
Original blade that was used for criminals 

 Structure is too big to catch without a wide angle lens 
 Walking around Ghent feels like entering a time machine 
 Saint Veerleplein cathedral, very much looking like the Davos
 The architecture is so detailed here
 Sint-Michels Church, like a one tower Notre Dame

Taking part in the Prebiotics, Probiotics & Pediatrics expo
 City lion, reminds me a lot of the lion we have of the Finnish army flags too. 
The shopping street, slightly newer area 
Saint Jacobs Church on the more northern side of the city, not more than a few hundred meter from all the other. But this one is slightly smaller. 
Weekend flee market 
Sain Niklaas Church
Found the coolest bar in Ghent! And they have 350 different kinds of beers. If I lived here this would be my spot. Wonder if Tokyo has anything like this. 

 By night the city lights up to a completely different beauty
 Good night Ghent 
 Went for an evening run more south of the city. Opera house
 Shadow art
The City Pavillion coming to nice life in the night 
 Stayed at the Belfort hotel, easy to walk everywhere and nice rooms 

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