Tuesday, May 10

こにちわ东京, Herro Tokyo!

Finally back home in Tokyo...Although still waiting for moving into my home. Arrived first day of the 10 day long public holiday called "Golden Week". Started my school on Monday, back again to school but now as a student instead of a lecturer. So looking forward to be able to speak Japanese, welcoming a 6th language!

 Yoyogi Park, the path to Meiji Shrine with Docomo building in the background
Best time of the year! Outside is 20-25 degrees and sunny with a bit of breeze. 
 Stayed a week in Shinjuku. So many restaurants, bars, love hotels and Hanazono Shrine
Chem was also happy to be back in Tokyo! 
Hanazono shrine by night 
NEON! Never gets dark here

 Eel box at Yoshinoya, cheap and yumyum  
Some of the many seafoods offered in Shinjuku 
Back alleys of Shinjuku. Full of cool small restaurants & bars
And this is how the houses look like in the back 
The Japanese have learned Finnish...
This guy has a point...Yolo
Even road blocks have to be cute in Tokyo! 
 Every first wednesday of the month there is a "Finnish Men Beer Night". Was nice to meet some guys from home. Many of whom had amazing stories from around the world last 20 years. 
 Hub Pub 
 Started my school 3 hours a day at Coto Language Academy, so long spare time for the incoming few months. 
The subway station called Iidabashi by school looks like Umbrella Corporation had something to do with it #ResidentEvil
 Inviting Karaoke...
 The good things with jetlag: Wake up 5 am to see the sunrise 

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