Wednesday, May 4

Returning to Log Island

Few days in Stockholm with gorgeous weather again but it suddenly got colder. A LOT colder. Felt like winter without snow and windy. Quicksilver dropped down to about 0 degrees and it's almost May! First snow, then down to winter temperatures, strange.

There was a food truck event event outdoors which would have been perfect if it wasn't for the cold. Great food none the less!

What a nice evening to come back to! It so much nicer to be in north Europe this time of the year when it's still light after 8 PM. 
 Down to the depths of Arlanda Express
Subway entrance 
Streets of Vasa stan 
Buildings around Sveavägen in the center
No matter cold or warm, people still bike here
Heard this would be nice to stay in 
Jolo is not only a song anymore
Could as well be London 
Stockholm is preserved like no other city, they never took part in the First or Second World War and got bombed
 Ted, I got your helmet! Was a bit of a detour but come and pick it up to Tokyo! I don't think I've taken the Stockholm subway since I lived here 2014. 

 Out in Skärholmen to pick up the helmet from the "million programme"
 Craziest Swede in Beijing 
 Food truck expo 
 Nom nom nom

 Found a "Berlin Bar" on the way back and had to go check it. Was not dissapoining
Choices choices
 Goodbye Stockholm, see you in the summer
 Skål! Got upgraded to Business Class so Champagne is pretty much mandatory. Next stop: Ghent 

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