Tuesday, May 3

Weekend home in gorgeous HELLsinki

Spent the weekend in Helsinki and must say that I'm surprised how much it's changed in the city! I've been dissing Helsinki how much of a country club it is with almost nothing available but I'm wrong. The city has changed and there is so much offered at the moment! Great selection of craft beers and thanks Joel for showing the greatest place for Wings too!!

Gorgeous mirror image on the sea with a killer sunset at Kruunuhaka...I don't remember when I've seen my city this beautiful last time! Impressed and feel like a tourist who just found an awesome place to travel to. 
Down the memory lane
 Helsinki pirates club? 
 Come for a coffee or drink at Relanders Grund. Perfect in summers! 
 Best wings in Helsinki (so far at least)
 Some amazing beer & cider choices in Teerenpeli (they had much more than these 6) 
 Senate Square cathedral 
 Had an amazing dinner home (like always Mom) and it suddenly started snowing like it was Christmas Eve. Talk about Global Colding. 

First it was like this....
and then...
Something we eat during first of May "Struvor" which is thin fried dough. To it you should be drining mead. Kind of a tradition.
 Nothing taste better than own picked berries. Cloudberries with vanilla ice cream. This berry onyl grows in North Finland, Sweden and Norway. People who are not from Scandinavia have seldom tried it. Amazing dosage if C-Vitamin in this small orange fellow 

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