Monday, May 16

Weekend in Yokohama

The whole week has just been gorgeous! Pre-summer with 25 degrees and spotless sky. Can't imagine how dirty and polluted it was all those years in China before. Life quality suddenly got 100x better.

We went to Yokohama for a beer festival and walk around the old "foreign area" where foreign settlers had their own area about 100 years ago. Mostly villas and nature around this place. Cemetery of foreigners is open for visit during weekends.

Yokohama port 

Does not look like a very friendly spider but who knows 
 Get out of busy Tokyo and take a walk in the forest 
Villas are still very well kept. This was home of a British trader who also worked as the ambassador of Finland. Random...

 The garden for these villas has been kept in mint condition 

 Foreign cemetery 
 A blue eyed cat was hiding behind one of the stones 
 Like in the Crow movie? 
 This clinic really needs to think of a new name 

 This guy had plenty of dogs 
 Yokohama seaside
 Get a part time job from Vanilla
 German spring opening beer party 


 So nice place! 
 Also passed by Chinatown in Yokohama. It's like a clean version of China :)

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