Thursday, March 3

One night in Bangkok and the worlds your oyster!

One of the most fun cities I know! Great food, good shopping, little bro to hang out with and great fun. Everyone should at least once experience a night out in bustling Bangkok + have all the amazing food here. Thai people are one of the friendliest you can find! Another thing I love in this city are the motorbike taxis. By far the fastest way to move around and cheap too. And let's not forget the fact that it's ALWAYS warm here. 

Not sure if all of this was smog or mist. Felt normal to breath compared to Shanghai or Beijing. Good morning Thailand! 

A really cinveninent place to stay at is by Asok station. There are plenty of good hotels here, in Terminal 21 they have all kinds of food, cinema and shopping of all kind. And the BTS from here goes to everywhere. Airport link also comes here. 
Tuktuk, the signature Thai way to move around, hang on to your helmet because no seat-belts here
Out for a beer in RCA, love the fact that you can ALWAYS have an ice cold beer outdoors!
 This pool was kinda like a jungle...
Found some amazing Thai food at Basil! They offer southern, northern, eastern and central Thai food which comes in a 5 course meal. Price is very good, just 30 euros and you will be so full you roll out.
 But of course you also want to go for some street food that will only cost you a few Euros. Yum! Better be chewing on those BioGaia tabs if your stomach isn't used to this kinda stuff.
Cheaper and better, OK! You got me 
Amazing Pad Thai & Tom Yam Kung 
Just sit down and order, if you dare 
Bangkoks next spelling bee...Pretty sure that logo is also copied
One of those moments that put a huge smile on your face when they upgrade your room and you have a bathtub with the most amazing city view
Yepp, this was the view 
Good night Bangkok!
 Morning rush...bikes everywhere
 A light for everyone
Steel with candle wax to make Thai temple replicas 
 Evening workout swim . Have try to stay as fit as possible with this lifestyle
Me going to my morning meeting, never late this way!

 Khaosan road is packed with drunken tourists and locals every night. The music from all the bars are so loud you barely hear your own thoughts. Earplugs have saved me many times here! There are a lot of small shops on this street, you can even make a fake ID for 2000 baht. The ID can be anything from driving licence, ID card, students card for any nationality.
House of Sathorn, used to be resident for the Thai royal family before, 40 years Russian embassy and now a restaurant out of this world! Must try! 

 Probably one of the best lunches I ever had! Wagyu tartar with rice crackers and a hint of chili. Lunch specials on House of Sathorn for about 20 euro. SOOO good
Amazing bar! I want to have something like this...someday
Inner courtyard very nice too 
 Hotel lobby in the evening looked like this, plenty drinks for a night

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