Thursday, March 24

Kawaii Monster Cafe - Only in Japan

Yesterday we went to check out something different, it's called Kawai Monster Cafe which is suppose to reflect on modern Japanese pop culture of something. When you enter there is a very strong scent of vanilla-ish sweet smell but what you see makes you forget the smell for a bit. The room is full of lights, unicorns as if on crack and just generally very trippy. In the background there is a mix of awful 90s techno music and random Deadmou5 tracks that somehow fit this rather strange place.  Pasta we ordered looks like a load of "e-vitamins" and the colourful sauce stuff does not really have any flavour. Healthy! So far the strangest thing I've eaten this year. After finishing the the pasta I started wondering why I even ordered it. But we also got some steaks and chicken that was great! Free flow of beer was cheap and for 2 hours you refill your glass with no extra cost.

This place is really something you HAVE to see in Tokyo if your looking for a different kind of dining experience...or just for shits & giggles. If your wondering where It's located, go to Harajuku subway station and walk about 5-10 minutes.

All the flavours of the rainbow 
 Infinity mirrors 
 Drinks plz 
 You can book this private room for a special occasion, anyone feel like having a different birthday? 

 I think I know how Alice in Wonderland feels now 

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