Sunday, February 28

Shanghai chaos!

Good to be home! Or whatever I should call it...a place where I sometimes sleep? Anyway, after this only 2 more times arriving back! After March I don't know when I'll put my foot in China next time....

After spending over 2 weeks in "civilised" countries like US & Japan, coming back to China feels like chaos. Cars honking everywhere, people pushing to gain a turn earlier, spitting on the ground, shouting in their phones. I usually don't even notice these things but now when being out a while it is much more clear. My conclusion is that living in China would not suit everyone. 

 They had Finnish Karhu beer in the import store, and it's cheaper than home haha! Tax heaven Finland 
Waking up with this kind of view is pretty awesome, no filter added. Perfect 6 am sunrise except for all the smog in the distance 
33nd floor is a pretty high flat 
Long way down....
 Socialising in Shanghai...Last time was months ago 
 Toni knew about this really cool basement bar, have to go back again someday! 

 Fresh juice anyone? 
 Been cutting my hair here since I move to Shanghai, they used to charge me 1 euro, now it's 2...I can live with that 

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