Wednesday, March 16

Tokyo weekend and just a week to go!

Getting ready to settle down in Tokyo...Met all our local partners and some internal meetings with the staff there. Next time I'm coming here it's with a one-way ticket! Still feels a bit strange, guess it will not feel real before I have actually settled down there. Until then...!

Cleaning France - YA! Let's get that red wine off your shirt 
 Yum yum tuna sushi, this kinda quality is hard to find outside Japan! Well made sushi should always have the right amount of wasabi baked into it, you should never need to make on own wasabi "cocktail" of the soy sauce. This one was perfectly balanced! 
 Greyness lasted 4 days 
 Shopping at the real ISETAN, they close the roads at weekends 
 Had an amazing dinner at this traditional Yakitori place 
 The BioGaia academy - Japan 
Vending machines :) They are EVERYWHERE
 White day you say...
 Zipper wall in Roppongi 
 Need to come back here someday, the beer list was longer than a kids Xmas list 
 Get your last minute electronics at the airport 

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