Monday, March 14

Goodbye Beijing tour

My last time to visit Beijing, no idea when I will be back here again. What an amazing time I had there! It's years ago but still feels very recent, loads of feelings came up when I walked around the old campus and my old apartment. Visiting all those all places I used to go to before...Happy I have recorded everything on this blog for such a long time now, easy to back in time. You guys are amazing and the reason spending such a long time in Beijing was great.

Ready to pain the streets red! Someone said we all look like related brothers 
 Elements, the place that in some strange random way took me to  where I am today
Sanlitun...Sooooo many great moments from this place! Hasn't changed that much in the last few years 
Had a great brunch with all the old peeps. Welcome to Tokyo guys !
Mega tuna 

We found some ostrich eggs! 
Top of Beijing on 35th floor...The city is covered with smog
dirty dirty dirty
Pretty cool pool in Sanyuanqiao
Sanyuanqiao by day
Wudaokou! I used to eat lunch here EVERY day for about 7 months. Thanks for feeding me Lush! The food is still as good! Once we even had dinner here the whole family.

The events are still the same :) Even after 8 years! 
The first club that came to Wudaokou, has quite a reputation...and most of the alcohol is fake here
James we had some really good nights here !

Also a few newcomer places Wudaokou...This one was like a lab 

And my old school, where everything started. BLCU

The runrunshaw building 

The road to school....bought a really crappy second hand bike for 50 rmb back then...I wonder what happened to it, think I just left it outside my old flat after moving. 
My first apartment in Beijing...Middle 8th floor 
The train tracks still crossing the street, when the train comes all the nearby crossings are in chaos. Wonder when they are going to move the track?

I'm leaving this city with a loooot of beautiful memories I would not change for anything. I'll be back, but no idea when

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The Erica Chang said...

I have a lot of the same feelings about Beijing. The friends, nights, pollution, sanlitun, clubs, food, hopes and dreams and just too many stories.