Tuesday, March 22

New life begins in Tokyo

Was a very stressful week to get everything fixed in Shanghai but now finally here! I still haven't really realised that I live in Tokyo, guess it will take a few months to sink in. The second morning when I woke up I wondered what the pollution levels are at outside. Then it hit me that I never have to think about that again! :)

Will live on Tsukishima island now for 2 weeks before I have to go traveling again, this place really feels like Drumsö in Helsinki. There is water all around, not much people and very peaceful. The Tsukishima island is famous for it's "Monja" street which is a kind of Japanese food. I also saw a guy with a gigantic turtle walking the street. Googled him and found a lot of stories "if your lucky during the weekend you will see this guy". And lucky we were :)

Had some really nice fish at the Tsukiji fish market, it will close next year so now is the time to go there while still possible! During weekend will go there at 5 AM to see the fish trading, convenient when it's just a 20 minute walk from home. They take 120 people in every morning with a "first come first serve" queuing system. Hope I could make it.

First night, clear sky. Good night Tokyo, looking good! 
Home this March 
 The city where EVERYTHING should be cute, even dog food 
Monja street おいしいのもんじゃ
 Monja feast! First you fry the veggies on the side
Then you pour in the egg mix in the middle 
Stir around
 And make a "pancake". Pour some cheese on and wait for it to melt. Ready to dig in! 
 Or if you just looking for a quick good and cheap dinner get some Obento & Onigiri (riceballs)
Tsukiji fishmarket, sea urchin mix bowl with loads of fresh fresh fish 
 Beautiful here in Tsukishima and perfect for jogging 
 Most of the alleys are max 1 meter wide, barely get a bicycle through here 
 This guy! Love his gigantic tortoise and so did everyone else. Wonder how old it is? Looking at Wikipedia it revealed lifespan to be up to 150 years. 

Check this short clip, following master 
 Reflections on this beautiful Sunday afternoon 

 The old lighthouse...now converted to a toilet 
 In every part of the city you can find a shrine for praying 
 Old meets new 
 Seriously, only find stuff like this in Japan. Says she's daydreaming 
 Melon Pan is awesome! Local dessert :) 
You don't have to worry if you forgot your umbrella home in Tokyo. People leave umbrellas all over the city for grabs. I love this city more everyday! And vending machines in EVERY corner 
 Hede this is for you, a whole shelf with One Piece stuff @ 7-11 market 

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