Tuesday, March 15

Shanghai Shanghai

One of those "come back and wash your laundry and then go again" time in Shanghai. Just 2 sleeps in Shanghai and off to Tokyo for some meetings. Didn't really have time to do much else than go to gym once, wash clothes and clean my desk at the office a bit. Start packing...Spring is in the air and it's almost 20 degrees already! Winters so horrible in this city because there is not heating indoors.

Newly opened fruit stand had very cheap dragon fruits on promotions 
 The Finnish beer I found in Feidan hasn't really been very popular...No one been buying it so now they have it on promotion for 10 rmb before it expires. That's cheaper than back home!! 
 My office view...That big grey building is one of Japans top high-end malls. Coincidence that I been looking at it now for about 2 years and actually about to move there now. 
 The weather was amazing so just had to go back and forth to take a picture of the bund after work 
 And next morning when waking up it's suddenly smoggy again...

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