Thursday, March 17

Hanoi Rocks! This years Asia workshop

Had our big Asia gathering in Hanoi this year, happened to be on my birthday again. It's the first time I had this many people on my birthday party. Thanks for the cake all of Vietnam team! Was a really good week and fun seeing you all in one place! Next year let's see where we go...

Not really the kind of weather I had hoped for but as long as it doesn't rain 
 Replica of Notre Dam 
Small alley new 
Temple on Jade Island by the Turtle & Sword lake 
Shop till you drop of all kinds of strange stuff 
 Dinner at SEN restaurant, which also happens to be my email :) Biggest buffet in Hanoi with hundreds of dishes
Thanks for the surprise! 
Skål! First time this many people at my birthday 
 Our party bus 
 Out for a walk in on a saturday night in the old quarters is ALWAYS busy like this. Sit inside or outside. Have some drinks or food, its cheap and it chaotic but very unique! There is a strict curfew in Hanoi, all places closes by midnight. But before that, party on.  

 The made me an own drink list at Tirants rooftop. Probably one of the best views in Hanoi! Amazing job you did for us here! 

We had people from so many places! Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia. 
Always come to this small local place in the old quarters. Thanks Mona for finding it last year :) 

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