Monday, March 21

Goodbye Shanghai, Goodbye China!

Viimeistä viedään said Hugo the forest troll around 20 years ago in a TV game. Meaning, this is the last of it. My last 4 days in Shanghai to pack everything up and tie all lose ends. One thing I hate is moving! Lived in 15 places since 2007 now. So sick of moving around! Will be wonderful to live in one place more than 1 year soon! Booked an express company to pick up my stuff but they were only able to ship clothes and books, no electronics were allowed to ship. Luckily Air China didn't charge anything extra for my excessive 3 pieces totally almost 70 kilos check-in baggage + 2 carry on. Thank you!

The last 9 years in China have been so amazing! The good times have by far bypassed the bad times and I'm now leaving with thousands of happy and great memories from this country full of surprises. Some of the surprises better than the others...Also happy that I don't ever have look out of the window and wonder what the pollution levels are and check the US embassy PMI readings on my phone. Also welcoming fast and unblocked internet! It is soooo annoying to not be able to browse the internet in China. Even Google is blocked and requires VPN if you want to make a simple search. Local Chinese search engines work but they are quite crap and only focused on information FROM China, not outside.

All in all I'm very happy to move to city that kinda has been my dream since I bought my first Nintendo at the age of 6. Video games, anime, great food and a totally different lifestyle. Life will be very different in Tokyo and can't wait to start it and settle down! Really looking forward to Mom, Dad & Stefan arriving here in 2 months!

Last craft beers @ Shanghai Brewery 
 Thanks David for showing this cool place, this long time in Shanghai and I never even heard of UCR 

 Skyline of the city with Pudong 4 highest buildings in the background 
 People Square 
 Last day at the office...Goodbye 江宁路167# 
 And can't leave without having a proper massage! Will miss this place, price is unbeatable. 2 hours for 10 euros! 
 Been living at Top Of City since December, thank you Karoline for housing me these months when I didn't have any other place to go to! Fantastic view from the 33rd floor 
 Goodbye faithful scooter. You took me hundreds of kilometers around Shanghai and never left me on the road. May your new host treat you well! 
 And you too black Finnish-Swedish thunder! Just needs a new battery before going anywhere...
 Check in bags ready to go...I'm done! 
 This guy was having a very chill lunch 
 A bit dodgy place to buy your electronics at 
 AK-47, new mens cocktail! Wonder if it's popular. Never seen before 
 It's a one-way flight to Tokyo now...I'll come back again China, just don't know when. November? Will be interesting to see how things have changed...Being away from China a few months makes a big difference! The city changes so fast with new skyscrapers and restaurants. 再见中国,这些九年特别好玩儿,生活最美的天玩儿过这里还有给我那么好的机会。希望未来在东京也这么好玩儿!感谢您!走啊!

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