Tuesday, February 2

Sun & Rain in Singapore

It's rainy season in Singapore now, sun is shining and suddenly 20 minutes later it's pouring down like a monsoon. Last day was sunny and amazingly 32 degrees warm! One of the best things in Singapore is the heat, it never gets colder than 28 degrees or more hot than 32. Predictable! It's only they rain that is not but you don't really get cold even if soaking wet because it's warm enough.

We had a little expo in the weekend for ProDentis at Orchard Hotel and after everything was finished I headed to Universal Studios. Was so lucky at the park because after I had been to the roller-coaster they closed it because of rain. Amazing ride! Last time the line was too long everywhere so I just bought the fast-pass this time to skip all lines. Not more than 20 euro extra but saves you hours of waiting! And I didn't really have more than 3 hours total in the park.

Want to Sentosa too to catch some sun, it's been so cold and dark in Europe last month. Sunshine and white sand is where I always want to be someday in the future...

What a breakfast! 
 YES! Palm trees and a pool, evening workout check after a 6 hour sweaty flight
Some pictures from majestic Marina Bay day & night. Opera house shaped like a durian fruit 
Stefan, remember when we took this? 
Fullerton House 
 All the mayor finance companies have their Asia HQ here 
 Hotel, casino, pool, mall. All in one construction 

The View from Craft Beer bar LeVels 33 is absolutely gorgeous in the night! 

The Merlion
Universal Studios
 Whoever came up with the minions made some goooood money 
 Looks like me in many pictures 
The Mummy Returns
Welcome, to Jurassic Park! 
 Chinatown, busy busy just 2 weeks before Chinese New Year. Year of the monkey coming! 
 Shop till you drop 
 Reflections by Boat Quay 
 Maxwells food court offers a lot of yumyum streetfood! 

 Weekend expo for ProDentis 
 I just came to think of China when I saw this...Breathing choking air for at least half the days of a year
 Downtown St Andrews cathedral 
Sentosa, rain and darkness mostly

People still read books! Awesome
A storm is coming 
Red red sky 
 Where the party is, Clark Quay
 Nor far from China town you will find Little India

 A parade with all the Indian descendants in Singapore making a walk across the city barefoot 
 One of my favourite street food places with amazing view, Gluttony Street 

Gardens by the bay is a world heritage place. They have build the most amazing indoor rainforest / flower park. Never seen anything like this!! I wonder how I haven't come here earlier!!  

Just amazing indoor nature 

 It's high up to walk here, people who were afraid of heights was easy to spot 

Indiana Jones? 

Even have a crystal exhibition inside 

Diamonds are forever 
Cool wood carving
And now spam you with some gorgeous flowers! 


 Just found my new favourite flower 

 Take a walk up above the trees 

 Puts a smile on your face when leaving the airport with storm troopers

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