Friday, February 5

Pudong's amazing skyline!

I've been thinking of walking around Pudong with all the skyscrapers since I moved to Shanghai. But aren't we all always leaving things to the last minute? Now only a few weeks left of Shanghai and this day just happened to be very clear!

Walked around a while but then decided to go up in the Oriental Pearl. When I was up here with my parents in 2007 it cost something like 80 RMB and now 220 RMB!! That's 30 euro to come up. Someone is making a good buck on this tower. Because the line was loooong when I arrived. And I bet it keeps on like that the whole day.

The average size of buildings here are taller than any you find anywhere in Scandinavia
 Sun rising behind Shanghai Tower. This massive structure reaches up to 632 meters! It is the second tallest building in the world
 The power of 3 
 Pretty much all of the towers and buildings in front of me are new since 2007
 The Pearl 
Long line!! 

 Marry Poppins came and gave her Asian blessing to the place 
 North of Pudong & Puxi 
 Even a 500 meter tower looks short now....
 South of Pudong & Puxi 
 The Bund. Notice the smog on a CLEAR day

 Core downtown 
 Bund Nr 27, my favorite places. Been taking many pics of the Pudong skyline from here before. 
 Always wanted to stay in the UFO, should probably go for a drink here next week 
 New craze in China, building the floor transparent. Kinda creepy. Some people were screaming and flipping out 
 Long way down....
 Super Brand Mall...It took me about 1 hour by bus to come here from my school in 2007. But I still did it, mostly to just get a coffee at McDonalds or Starbucks. China was a different place back then and stuff wasn't as available...

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