Saturday, February 6

Shanghai for 1 sleep, that's one amazing sky

I noticed that I posted in a bit of wrong order the blogs, Pudong should be before Ningbo. Anyway, back in Shanghai from Ningbo again!

Just a quick packing trip in Shanghai and tomorrow off to Tokyo, but in 1 day you can see a lot of cool things. It seems like this house had some bad luck. Monks and people were praying outside it and burned things. This is a gesture they do here for someone who has died so he/she can receive the things in the other realm.

Also saw the most amazing sky so far in 8 years in China!! Randomly drove past Shanghai Sculpture park and went to check it out. Weird & awesome at the same time.
Fox on containers...
 Not everyday you see water frozen in Shanghai 

 Office sunset 
Went to listen to an event about business in China the last 2 decades. And also how people are now exiting the market for different reasons. 
Beer was good! 
Burn and hope for a better afterlife 
 Saw this in the morning while I was waiting for my taxi. Guy had really packed his scooter full! Was even dragging a box of stuff behind him. Notice how neither the car or scooter cares about any traffic regulations. 

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