Thursday, February 4

Ningbo weekend getaway

To Ningbo for a weekend to spend some time with James & Laoban, haven't had a weekend in Shanghai in months! Spent some real quality time chilling in front of the TV and playing with the dogs. A new family member in the form of an Alaskan Malamute had joined! Massive dog! Went to see Challenge factory too. Highest quality of industrial chains in the world are produced here, designed in UK, made in China :)

Shanghai Hongqiao station is MASSIVE! Thousands of people waiting for their trains here day in day out. Everything works pretty smooth but one thing I don't understand is why they close the subway at 22.20. The taxi line if always 200 meter in the evening. Every major city has it open until midnight or later. 
 Around 15 minutes before departure they open the gates and people flood in 
 No wifi on the train but 3G from the phone takes care of that. I got the biggest leg space in the train! 
 Hello Omega! 
 It's adorable how these puppys go on for hours and play with eachother

And after that they are exhausted :)
But then we wake them up 
 Went out for some pool and beers at Laowaitan. All the bars and restaurants are in the area. Very much like Sanlitun in Beijing. 

Late night McDonalds feast! 
 Rain and mist every day for a week now. #silenthill

 Challenge for you industry to keep the machines running 24/7! 

 How the lunch looks for a factory worker 
 So much better to take the dogs out on a Sunday when it isn't raining 
 Beautiful scenery isn't it 
 Time to head back to Shanghai, crowded at this station too

 Can almost see the sun!

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