Friday, February 19

Preparing my move to Tokyo

Paperwork, apartments and a lot of other new things that come with moving house, city, country! My final flight out of Shanghai is on March 17th and then it's time to move to Tokyo. YAY! Which by the way, was voted the best life quality city 2015. Really looking forward to it! The apartment quality is so so so much better than China, life will be a bit more comfortable soon. Apart from work, apartments and fixing my visa I had time to go see Disney Land in the weekend. Last time I went to Disney Sea, I would recommend anyone with kids to go to Disney Land but adults who want to have more fun on rides to go to Disney Sea. They had however a limited edition Star Wars 4D ride. It felt so real, like actually sitting in the Millennium Falcon. Dad, this is probably the ride you took in LA long ago but a bit upgraded. You'll see soon! We also passed a ceremony for "opening spring", there were a lot of noises and they threw beans and snacks from a shrine. Spring is officially here now.

So, my time in China is coming to an end. It's almost exactly 8,5 years since I first came to Shanghai. I leave with A LOT of fun, crazy, incredible and memorable stories I would never exchange for anything. And all you amazing people I met on the way, was a good choice to come what now feels like forever ago to this eastern strange country.

 Stayed in Roppongi Hills this week, one of the entertainment areas of the city and loooooads of good food!
Architecture in this city is really cool
Henka now goes for 24k. That's a bargain Hede. 
My first thought was that this is a Tesla Coil from Red Alert 
Under construction 
I tasted a lot of craft beers but this is the first time I hear about craft Sake
 Went to many apartments this week, some had a spectacular view
  Mount Fuji to the right!
Meguro district
Very nice balcony view 
This one had a cemetery to look at...
There were 58 floors in this one and over 900 residents! 
Clear skies! No pollution! 
 Shake shack just opened in Tokyo, amazing burgers and the area is very chill
 Gundam 30 meter statue! I LOVE JAPAN!!
Konami HQ, they produced SO many awesome games
Thank you for hundreds of hours on the sofa Konami 
Good thing with already knowing Chinese is that I can understand what the characters mean even though I can't pronounce it...yet
 Opening spring!  And Tokyo tower behind, they kept the One Piece exhibition for good open there Hede! Have to go there when you come

Caught some of the beans. Some people were really serious about catching these
People were allowed up in waves, wait for your turn like a good citizen. People love to que in Japan, I wonder if I will get used to that
Got an amazing valenties day gift to go see Cirque Du Soileil! Wanted to go see it when I was in Las Vegas 2 years ago but was too broke then. It was an amazing show, no acrobatics feel good after this anymore.  Thank you Mona-chan!

 Need to get some lanters to my new home :)
 A very Scandinavian touch to this wooden mall
Because hats are nice 
 View from Mori towers observatory on the 53rd floor

 Got a free suite upgrade at the Disneyland Sheraton hotel. The room was amazing!
Love the gold on the water, makes me think about Pellinge 
Fantastic view

Disneyland with limited edition Frozen theme and Star Wars

Where dreams are made possible! Welcome

  Can't wait for episode 2 later this year
Good old Pooh bear
Welcome to Monsters Inc.
Palm trees and clear skies! 

The Force Awakens!

Merry go round & round  
C3PO making the spaceship ready
 Buzz was wishing all people welcome. In Japanese...
I love that there is a video of Mario in the subway saying see you next time!
Went to see Takashi Murakamis exhibition. His art is really cool! And he also did a 100 meter long painting which is one of the longest ever made. Cool stuff!

Tired to look like the dude behind me, nailed it 

Next stop, Hawaii! Stay tuned for a lot of amazing beach pictures 

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