Monday, February 22

Aloha from Hawaii

Hawaii has been on my bucket list for a long time and finally made it! I guess the image I've had about Hawaii before has been hula hula dances and people giving flowers to wear around your neck when arriving. It was neither of these when I arrived or during the trip. But, it was absolutely gorgeous and PERFECT weather. The air is dry not get too hot at all like humid South East Asia. Perfect breeze and about 28 degree during the whole time. Sunshine and white sandy beaches! We also rented a badass Dodge Camaro for a day to drive around the island. Sunset by north shore was something else with waves about 6-7 meters high. Imagine surfing to that...

I missed US, they have everything and it's just so good. For example the food, not maybe the most healthy but you get the BEST burgers, chicken-wings, peanut butter, cheese cakes etc etc. Service is also amazing here compared to many places and english never an issue :) You can also find all services and signs in Japanese all over Hawaii, Japanese are by far are the biggest tourist group who visit. The place where we went to the wedding ceremony has over 1200 Japanese wedding ceremonies a year, and that is only one of the many places this island has. Amazing week for shopping, tanning and chilling.

Roadtrip with this convertible badass. Been waiting to have something like this! 
King of the road 
 Nice volcanic rock formations by the south east coastline

 Made me think of Jaws immediately when I saw the boat 
 What a view 

 Those people must have a nice view, hope it was worth the climb 
 Voted as the TOP 1 beach in USA - Lanikai

Very volcanic landscape 
 Sunset and massive waves at North Point

 There is always that one guy...looked like a lot of fun to play with these waves 

 Waves eventually grew so tall they swallowed the sun 

The waves don't look too big from the picture but thats way over 5 meters high 
Now you see me.... you don't 
Had a funny sign at the restaurant by North Shore 
Dinner with a perfect sunset 
 Got upgraded to the Grand Suite in the history wing at Moana Surfrider, was a fantastic room with a fantastic view! Amazing hotel, everything top notch. Coming back sometime. 
Same beach in timelapse...Loads of stuff happening here 
Look at those colours
Surfs up 
Polluted China feels like a very distant place when seeing something like this 
 Changing sea color 
It's like when you look at a travel magazine 
 Some yum yum locally brewed IPA 
 Had an AirBnb apartment a few days, the rooftop pool was pretty nice too 
 When the tabasco is bigger than your soda...I asked for a soda water but got coke. Own mental note, when in US order Club soda, not soda water. 
 Early 7 am morning run around Waikiki beach 

Empty...Daytime is really packed here like you could see from the video 
And an Acai bowl for breakfast 
 Extensive graffiti 
 A walk to the outlet, got loads of new shoes and other stuff 
 Gorgeous sunset by Waikiki beach 

Plenty of protein bar choices in US! 
After so many year in China I had the best fried rice in my life in US. Hah! Kimchi, ribs, beef and then some steak on the side. Came here 2 nights, their ribs were also amazing
Congrats to the newly wed couple! 
Wish you also got married on a beach now? 
Western part of Hawaii

Wedding brunch at Hyatt 
One of the shopping malls had Buba Gumps shrimps. Have to watch Forest Gump again someday 
And hot sauce, plenty plenty of hot sauce! 
Bye bye gorgeous Honolulu
Time to go back to reality, fix everything up in Tokyo! Lose 1 day when flying 8 hours + 19 hour time difference. 

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