Friday, February 26

Fukuoka transfer 24 hours

Because of Chinese new year all straight flights out of Tokyo to Shanghai was sky-high priced, got one with 1 day transfer time in Fukuoka. Never been to Fukuoka before so another city checked! They are famous for their Ramen in Pork broth, very yum! City is very neat and clean, in the night there are loads of street food kitchens set up. The old castle ruins are worth visiting and then up to the observatory deck in Fukuoka Tower, good view from the 60th floor! That was pretty much everything I was able to squeeze into 1 day.

The typical streets in Japan, narrow and neat 
  Vending machines, they are EVERYWHERE. This one at the Castle Ruins 
  This guy was working the truck and road equipment alone. Like back home! In many other countries there would be at lest 5 people. Then again 3 of them would only be looking and 2 actually working...

  Welcome to Fukuoka Castle 

  Spring is on it's way! 

  City skyline, skyscrapers & mountains
  Castle gates 

  Sky was sunny and dark clouded at the same time, rain incoming
  Oranges on someones backyard. A sign of a warm city! 
 Somewhere around here there is an airforce base 
  Hard Rock Cafe closed, and the whole mall area too. Wonder why 

 No idea what superhero this was 
 Going up! 
The middle of the building is just hollow steel structure 
 For weddings & events 
 Fukuoka skyline 

 Lion King 
 Buy a heart lock and keep it hanging sky high, literally 

Buy your heart in the vending machine 
Found Robosquare with all kinds of robot toys 
Aibo goes fetch! 

 Hello, Kitty 
Lot of these small 

 And off to the airport in the morning again, Shanghai here I come!

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