Sunday, January 31

High in Shanghai

When I say high in Shanghai some of you might associate it to different kind of plants but that was not what I was referring to. Many years ago after I studied in Shanghai I always wanted to become an expat in Shanghai and live in a skyscraper building looking down at cars that would seem like ants moving around. And now I am! The view from 33th floor on Top of City at Dagulu is amazing! And the morning traffic that passes is busy. Pollution levels been going up and down, you can clearly see the difference between the days. And it so cold indoors!! Even though we keep all the AC's on it's freezing inside! It's got as cold as -7 degrees which is close to a record low. Water pipes were freezing and a lot of people I knew kept complaining there wasn't any water to the house available anymore. 

View from my room on a smoggy day 
 Same view on a more clear day 
Talk about tacky bling bling!! 

 Our office on the 21st floor, not many days left 
 Nice chinglish 
 Gimme money and I'll always smile for you 
 Only in China, the styrofoam collector 
 A bit towards the south side of Puxi 
Endless amount of car commuters 
 We have a pond at our compound 
 Here we go again, welcoming 30 degrees of heat and some delicious Laksa in Singapore

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