Thursday, January 9

Universal Studios - Hollywood

Second visit to Universal Studios but this time in Hollywood! The Florida and Los Angeles theme parks are very different. In Hollywood it's more concentrated on movie filming and the history of movies while Florida has move roller coasters and rides. There were many movie sets from various movies like Jaws, War of Worlds, Psycho, King Kong and Grinch. There were also TV serie sets like Desperate Housewives.  Was lucky with the tickets, because I found a store that sold discounted (73 USD) tickets that didn't require you to que for buying them at the theme park. Probably saved 30 minutes by doing so and 20 dollars. The amount of people at the park was insane! At some point the line to a ride was up to 120 minutes of waiting. Going 2 days after new years eve wasn't such a great idea but there wasn't enough time to wait. Next year the Hogwarts castle and other Harry Potter themed things will be opened here too, strongly recommend to visit Universal Studios instead of Disney! 

House of Horrors had real people scaring you, was really well made and scary
Frankensteins lair
Merry Xmas 
Little Itlay
Los angeles 
Special effects, suit works with the movements you make. Same way they made Gollum in Lord Of The Rings 
Green Screen, Apollo 11 
One of best rides in the park, amazing 4D shuttle ride! Laakso & Hede you would love it, Simpsons at it's best and loads o merchandise
Kwik-E-Mart, never party so hotty
care for some Duff? 

Apollo 13
Park is made into 2 parts, upper has more shops, restaurants and rides. Lower part is filming studios and other movie editing facilities. The Mummy (3D roller coaster in the dark), Jurassic Park and Transformers are downstairs. 
Transformers had the longest que during the whole day, it was very well made but the Simpsons 3D was much more intense 
Movie Museum, the ORIGINAL Delorean from Back To the Future movies on show! The flux capacitor was on! :):) If you haven't see Back To The Future Trilogy, do it now!

Doc Brown probably stopped the future travels and went into the chicken business :D
The Enigma used in U-505, and I actually saw the REAL submarine that the movie was about in Chicago's museum :) :) Remember Laakso when we went to see it around....15 years ago?? 
A massive talking movine Megatron, I really wonder how they made this, pretty sure the guy in the suite is on stilts and the voice changing machine was really cool. Sounded exactly the same as in the movies. Bumble bee and Optimus Prime was also here taking pictures and talking with people from time to time. 
The movie set tour, waited 50 minutes in line...but worth it!
The King Kong Skull island 4D show
Movie set from Big Fat Liar, floooood!
Loads of wild west movies shot here with Clint Eastwood
Earthquake movie set, a subway station is destroyed in front of your eyes and flooded
First a bang and fire...then next, shark attack! 
THE Jaws attacks, the robot had so many problems back in the days that the crew started calling it FLAWS
Jaws was huge!
The set as it was 30 years ago 
Desperate Housewives set
Steven Spielberg has his own street here...
World of Wars, this is one of the most expensive sets made. niversal Studios bought a real 747 airplane and trashed it, it had to be flown out into the dessert by army helicopters. 

The rear part cost 200.000 USD to fly by army helicopters
Spiderman and a lot of other movies shot here, city scene, houses are made out of light materials so they can be lifted and moved as needed
 Remember these? Knight rides, Biff's car from Back To The Future, Fast & Furious + many more! All original cars and ready to drive away
 Spitters, here comes a poison shower
Merry Grinchmas! 
Bates Hotel from Psycho, they even had an actor who started running towards the train, was made a bit creepy

Next time I wanna drive up on Mulholland Dr
Shrek 4D movie, waiting time was only 20 mins here
Ice cream pebbles 
Merry Grinchmas 
Waterworld, one of the best live movie stage performances there is

Jurassic Park ride was epic! The music, the scens the speed and then everyone got wet...
January 5th and they still have X-Mas decorations like it's December 24th

Universal, loved it!
Got that nostalgic feeling from a movie? Good, because here you can find almost anything!
Shopping and food on the way out

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