Sunday, January 12

San Diego - Beaches & USS Midway

After a long day walking around to all the rides at Universal Studios we drove to San Diego. It's only about 100 miles and takes 1.5 h or so. San Diego was much nicer than I thought, really an awesome place to live at! Beaches, sunny and warm all year around. Went to see the USS Midway museum aircraft carrier that was used in the Vietnam war. San Diego is also one of the main naval bases in US, there were 2 other active aircraft carriers in the port. 

Panoramic view of the almost 300 meter long USS Midway, for more info click HERE

 Flight simulators
 Crowded on a saturday afternoon

 Top deck
 Almost as easy as driving a car...
 The flying radar
 The still active carriers in the naval base
 Nice view from the deck

 The bomb were kept at the lowest level of the ship for protection. Many blast doors on the way up
 Cantina, the ship has a crew of 4500 persons
 San Diego downtown
 Coronado beach

 Hede, I bought you some souvenirs 
 Stayed at Marriott's Courtyard, awesome hotel in old town! 
Mexican replica of Old Town San Diego

 Hot sauce store, over 100 different ones

 Food here was great! 

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