Wednesday, January 8

White Wonderland - Happy New Year 2014 !!

This was the biggest reason we drove all the way to LA from Arizona! Bought tickets for this festival 2 months ago which was lucky because they sold out pretty quick. The lineup artists were awesome: ATB, Steve Angelo and Dash Berlin! You can probably already tell from the name White Wonderland that the theme is purely white. If you wear some other colours you will not be admitted into the venue. Booked a motel just next door so it was easy to walk there, nights in LA were pretty cold though. And by the way, almost no cities in US have subways or good bus connections, you ALWAYS use your own car. 

First reaction when I came in, damn this will be a cool night! 
 The wishing tree, leave your new years wish hanging

 The were promoting WeChat here! It's probably the best product China has ever made
 ATB, live performances during the whole night 
 Shake that
 Dash Berlin coming on stage
 Steve angelo
 Home made Deadmou5 helmet was super cool
 Party people 
 Keep Calm and Rave On, happy new year to y'all! 
 After the show lights went on and it was very....white

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