Saturday, January 18

Camelback Mountain

Just a few minutes drive north of Phoenix you can do a long mountain trail which is pretty steep at some parts. Takes about 1-1.5 hours to get to the top. The view from the top was great and the day was absolutely beautiful! Sunny and 27 degrees warm, every "winter" should be like this. While Beijing is seeing pollution figures of over 670 PMI and Finland is cold, dark and snowy I'm really happy to be here instead. This is the second year already I've been able to escape the cold and darkness. Living in a place that is always warm and sunny is just so much better than a cold place. And it almost NEVER rains here! If you wanna have a challenging hike come to Camelback Mountain! 

 Getting up is STEEP

 There was a sign down at the trail that there are on average 75 accidents annually that require a helicopter to come for rescue. Well, I was "lucky" because today someone got hurt and the helicopter came and picked the guy up. 


 Back in brown

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