Monday, January 6

Grand Canyon - One of the world wonders

This is my 3rd wonder of the world now! There are a few things listed as wonder of the world. Man build and natural, the one's I've been to or seen are now: Grand Canyon, Northern Lights, The Great Wall of China and The Roman Colosseum. 
Grand Canyon is about 250 miles north of Phoenix in Arizona, by car that it's about 3-4 hours drive depending on how long stops you make or how fast you want to drive the mountain roads. Roads in USA are amazing! Super smooth, many lanes and high speed limits. 

 Shuttle buses taking you around the Canyon

 Kabob scenic spot

Hiking the whole trail takes 1 day, only did parts of it

 Kabob trail

 Visitor center scenic spot
 Driving back to Arizona in a beautiful sunset

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