Thursday, January 23

Tiesto @ Hakkasan

The reason for coming to Vegas was Lindas birthday and no lesser DJ to play there than Tiesto! The gig was in one of the biggest nightclubs in Vegas called Hakkasan. Hakkasan is in MGM Grand and has 5 floors! Drinks go for 15 - 20 dollars here so you will want to pre-game elsewhere...They gave out cool wristbands that were glowing now and then in the rhythm of the music in all different colours. The venue was completely full and it was CROWDED, apart from that an awesome show and night! Now I can cross that off my bucket-list, party crazily in Vegas! It didn't quite turn out like the movie Hangover but maybe that's for the best :)

Happy birthday to Linda, Mom & Tiesto!!

Tiestos "official" birthday party 

Snowing paper many times during the gig
Present from Hakkasan, a Tiesto trophy 

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