Saturday, October 26

Yen Halloween Party!

It's time for the YEN Halloween party again in 798! For the last 4 years I've always been Spider Man but not this year! Pre-game party in Wangjing with the "gang" and after that to Yen. Was an awesome night!

Everybody getting their paints done
 Fester, The Mummy, Slash and the kitty from Alice in Wonderland Halloween version
 John Rambo, ready to kick some ass
 And here we are
 Yen party @ VIP section
 And my final costume turned out like this
 Also found the Turtles!
798 is an old weapons factory in Beijing, it's now turned into rave parties for special events like the Yen a few times every year. 
 So many awesome costumes every year at this party!

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