Thursday, October 31

Siku comes to Beijing - My first own business in China

The last few weeks I have been planning an own business for a totally new product to the Chinese market. And here it finally is! It's called SIKU Vodka which is made out of 60.000 year old ice in Greenland and 5 times distilled rye vodka, this makes it one of the highest quality vodkas in the world, not to mention unique. And unique and high en products sell well here! 

Since I work with/in nightclubs in Beijing it was easy to talk them into having an opening party for us. Now we just have to promote this event like crazy and make it a success! There will be loads of performances and we will basically turn the club into an ice cave! Anybody who is in Beijing, let me know if your coming and I'll arrange a VIP night for u :)  

And after this there will be an Siku Ice Vodka event EVERY week in Beijing! All hotels, clubs, bars and karaoke places will soon be able to find their new favourite drink :)

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