Saturday, October 12

Old temples of Kunming

The last day before leaving (and I was pretty happy about going) went to the biggest bronze statue in China mainland. The Temple is called "Yuantong 圆通寺" and is located just east of the main lake in downtown. Tickets were less than 1 euro so it's really worth going to see it.

 Loads of prayer candles for good luck were lit during the holiday

 If you want to see something that looks REALLY "chinese" this is the right place to come to!

 They have plenty of fake apple stores in the city shopping district, I wonder if the employees know or don't know that they are not working for apple....
 After a hectic city is was great to go to the airport, with bus from downtown it only took 30 mins. Had counted much longer because the traffic was insane on the holiday here. Countless of new buildings rising in the horizon just outside core downtown. At the airport there is nothing to do except eat fake KFC or McDonalds food by the check-in. There was not a single restaurant open at the international flight area...starve please if you flight is delayed.

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