Wednesday, October 16

Macau - City of Dreams

Going to Macau from Hong Kong is only 1 hour by boat and cheap too, they gave me 1st class seats without paying for it. Thanks Cota Ferry! Macau is much like a mix of Europe and Asia in 1 city. The area is very small and you could drive around the whole main island in 1 hour or so by motorbike. 

The City of Dreams!!

One of the worlds most famous hotels chains, The Venetian
Macau Museum of Histroy
Some of the alleys are really narrow
Last summer we jumped down from there! Hede that was an amazing trip! And 244 meters is a long way to fall down

 And inside the casinos it looks amazing! Galaxy & City of Dreams

The Venetian from outside and inside, never seen anything like this! It's almost like being in Italy suddenly and it's INSIDE a building

 Paintings in the roof are massive

Saw this shirt in a market...
The most visited tourist spot, the only thing left from once a huge cathedral that caught fire long ago
Macau fortress center of the island manned with cannons from back in the days

Sun-set and dreams come true!
Decorations put up for Chinese Golden Week along the streets

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