Monday, October 7

Leaving Beijing for LAOS

It's that time of he year again when Beijing is getting colder and more polluted and also, Golden Week. Golden Week is when China has one of it's longest national holidays since it's the annual day for the communist party October 1st. I never liked to be in China on their holidays because the amount of people everywhere is just awful. So this Golden Week we had tickets to Laos but there was a bit of surprise to that trip...The tickets from the Chinese booking office said they were straight to Laos capitol but they were not. We stopped by in Kunming first and after 2 hours continued to Vientiane - Laos. Everything went fine on the way except the customs inspection in Laos...When you don't have enough empty pages in your passport to add a visa, there is no way they are gonna let you enter the country. So, 30 minutes after arriving to Laos I sat on a plane again on my way BACK to China. Really was a strange feeling flying all that way for nothing...Well however we managed to stay in Kunming city instead of being "deported" all the way back to Beijing! Alright, Kunming - Yunnan never been here before either! Warmer, cleaner and less crowded than Beijing.

The terminal for planes to Kunming was so strange, no shops, not connected to the rest of the airport and an own check-in gate for passport. Why? Gate nr 50 in Beijing airport terminal 2, if anyone knows?
Polluted, happy to leave
 Visibility VERY short

 This is what China Eastern flight magazine fruit and keep happy
 Some chinglish at Kuniming airport, funny that this is an english course
 Standing together, always
 The had a McDonalds and KFC copy at the airport, exact same menus and food and some logos, but it was neither of the original brands
 Getting ready for Laos
Laos nice and sunny

 In here, everything went wrong....Well another thing to have in your bucket list "Get deported from a country"

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