Thursday, October 10

Shi Lin 石林 - Stone Forest

Just about 150 km outside Kunming City there is a huge park called Shilin or directly translated from Chinese, Stone Forest. It's a lot of huge stones made of limestone formed like trees, once going in it took about 1 hour to find your way out. Never seen anything like it before! The hotel booked a minibus for the day, cost about 30 euros that included everything. After the Shilin Unesco site the tour took us to a very very strange peacock park that had been build in the middle of nowhere and the houses all looked like in Thailand. The park was full of teashops, peacock birds and jade stores. It seems that this is the place where all tour-group buses go to boost some local sales, a lot of the people in our group bought tea here.

I really wonder why the travel agency was called "Tour of Venice" when it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Italy or Venice for that matter
 Loads of red banners because this was the 64th anniversary since the Communist Power came into power
 What? Well turns out this toilet was filled with plants and some foreigner talking in the speakers in English about the ecological system, I just don't understand why in english because I did not see a single other white person in this park
 Shuttlebus to the area
 Museum of rocks and stones
 National day was very clear and red
 Arriving at the stone forest
 Map of the area and the longest word I have ever seen....
 Shilin Rock Forest
Good thing the rock didn't fall down while walking under it

 It was like the Dwarf cave in Lord of the Rings - Moria!

 Yellow stone

 The "famous" peacock village that looked like Thailand

 Great chinglish
 "Free birds" all tied to a string

 Guess this waterfall took a lot of manhours

 And in this traditional tranquil town there was...a McDonalds
 Tasting 10 different teas

 The jade stores were massive, they also didn't like me taking pictures here
 Entrance gate to the peacock place

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