Monday, October 14

Hong Kong for a week

Back in Hong Kong again! Last time was last summer with Henkka doing a tour here, this time with Linda. Things have not changed that much except for the fact that it's Chinese holiday this time and the streets are filled with mainland shoppers. Prices in Hong Kong are much cheaper on luxury goods than in Mainland China because of no or very low taxes. The weather was perfect the whole week! Just sunshine and 26 degrees, never seen it so awesome here before. Would be great to live and work here someday but would need quite a decent salary because housing here costs more than in Helsinki... 

Dim Sum on Nathan Road - Cheers Restaurant
BBQ Pork buns, chicken-feet, shrimp balls, custard pie
Skyscrapers everywhere
Stanley beach 

Just beautiful huh

Going up on The Peak! Was so packed of people because of the national holiday
The Peak

SOOOOOO FULLLLLLL, took like 25 mins to get up here and over 1 hour to que down
Hong Kong Museum of History
The bun tree
Hong Kong Island

Jackie Chan at walk of fame
Pacific sea, goodbye lovely Hong Kong

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