Wednesday, October 23

Anping - Wire Mesh Expo

One of those Expos where the local government is having an expo and they want foreigners to join. In return they pay all our transport, food, hotel etc for us to show up. There is a lot of media and pictures are taken, it looks GOOD if there are a lot of people attending from around the world. I been to 3 of these expos before and must say this was the worse place in China I have visited so far. Anping is like...well there is nothing here. Just low and worn out buildings, dust, nothing to see...Who would ever want to live in a place like this??? 

Beijing - Anping by bus about 3 hours
View from the, great. 
 Room was better on the inside than outside
 When I came into the cantina and got this plate the first thing I thought of was....prison

 Buffe was still ok

 The VIP going to explore more about wire mesh products
 Loads of people came to my surprise 
 TV was also there
 Opening ceremony, which is the lamest and most boring thing in China, they start by saying "we welcome all the leaders and thank them" then they call out each leaders name and everybody gives a short applause to each one of them...this took about 2 hours to go through all these people standing here. I wonder if they enjoy it?

 Main gate
 To be honest, this map was pretty much the coolest thing I saw on this expo
 Wire mesh "museum"
 When walking here there were 40 people or more attacking me, giving me name-cards and brochures and asking for my card. Some of them just came, gave their card and left without saying a word. Great way of doing business!!
 Barb wire and other wire products

 For some reason every building in Anping was covered with massive signs full of texts, EVERYWHERE

 Who ever was running this hotel had no taste what so ever....and just because they had clocks from all over the world by the reception does NOT mean they were even a bit international
 dirty dirty dirty ceiling 
 Stopped by for buying water and snacks, they really don't have much to choose from
 This truck was PACKED! Wonder how the boxes don't fall
specially this one to the right, packing done RIGHT

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