Thursday, October 10

Kunming City

So after being "deported" from Laos it was just back to Kunming and instead of taking the connection flight all the way to Beijing we just stopped here for a few days instead. Who wants a cold and polluted Beijing when you can have it sunny, warm and clean instead! Besides, never been to Kunming or Yunnan province before. Kunming is located south of China close to the Vietnamese border. The food here has a more south Asian touch to it but wasn't nearly as good as other south Asian countries I've been to. There is a small lake in the middle of downtown which looks cool in night view! Also, a dozen of big and old Buddhism temples that I haven't seen the likes of elsewhere in mainland China. The city itself isn't very international and there are a lot of really funny chinglish signs all over town that give a good laugh. People here were also much more laid back than in Beijing but I don't know how many times someone was pointing at me saying "foreigner" or keep saying HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO. Not easy being tall, blonde and blue eyed in China :)

The lake in downtown at night

One thing about beer in Chinese restaurants is that it only cost about 1 euro. Big spender, bought a "bottle" in a bucket
Night market with all kinds of stuff for sale from street hawkers 
"It's directly drinkable water, you can drink it without any concern". Well good, this tap water isn't poison
Old buildings around town

Recently opened shopping mall which actually was a lot cooler than the one in Sanlitun

Skyscrapers and old small shacks
Something I never seen in China before, a mosque 
Prayer room, in China there are 55 ethnic groups and 51 of them live in Yunnan province
Downtown main street
And they also had a christian church in downtown
Anyone want dried meat?
The Bamboo temple on top of a mountain

Residence for the monks in the temple 

Donations for the temple when it was build

Something that looked like a miniature of Angkor Wat
Amazing carving jobs

On the way up to "the dragons gate"

View of the city from the dragons gate
Up on dragons gate
Behold, the dragons gate, wow view
"龙门 Long men", written in traditional Chinese, literally DRAGON GATE

Was very steep to get up here, not recommendable for older people or someone who is afraid of heights
Some Yunnan food, pinaple rice, egg, lime chicken
Traditional Chinese breakfast

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