Tuesday, January 31

Back to hometown Lund

There is a Swedish saying that goes "borta bra men hemma bäst" which means good to be away but home is best. I used to think so before but now being away and being home has somewhat become almost the same when half of the year is on the road. It is however very nice to be back to the town where I grew up the first few years. Not the best time of the year though...

Lived here 3 years ago on the top floor for a few weeks while working in the Lund office. 
8 am grill looking very very closed 
Freeeeed! I've missed you buddy. From Beijing and Shanghai -> Lund for kebab  
 This is true
 Good morning Lund! What a nice glow 
 Took a trip out to our factory. Really amazing to see the production in action. Go TwoPac! 
 We got some sudden heavy snow 
 Lund cathedral is very impressive and among the oldest and largest in Europe 
 This clock shows everything
Find out everything about time and space with this one 
 Nom nom nom 

 The Cathedral Highschool, study in style 
 Central Square 

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