Monday, January 16

Good morning Vietnam! Back in Hanoi

Havent been back in Hanoi for almost a year. Was nostalgic to go check out some of the "regular" places for food. The traffic in Old Quarter never stops to amaze me, sooo crowded and noisy.

 Hanoi's long bridge that stretches over the river 
Got lucky and was upgraded to the biggest room in the hotel!!!  Never seen anything quite like this before 
Had 2 living rooms, 1 master bedroom, 3 toilets and an office and more! Amazing 

 View from the room was great too 
View toward the eastern side of the city. Old Quarters right ahead 
 Rooftop bar at Hotel Tirant. They really nailed it with the Christmas tree
 Lion King! 
 Coffee shopping done 
 Streets quite messy here 

 One of my usual lunch spots. So many tourists here now days. 
 The Forest Restuarant, offering some traditional Vietnamese dishes 
 Dinner at the hotel had a lot of BBQ choices 
 Good night Hanoi 

 Our partner in Vietnam, BioVagen. Thanks for the lovely lunch! 

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