Thursday, February 2

Örnäs Castle

Stayed down south for a day at a castle, pretty nice home these people lived in before! Think it's the first time I'm at Kungskronan. If we didn't come here when I was a kid.

Beautiful spot just by the sea, Denmark isn't many kilometers ahead. 

 Dinners ready! And amazing it was! 
 Family history 
 Imagine the guy sitting here sipping on his whiskey with a thick old book and cigar
 Jet-lagged still. Found an outdoor gym but not too great in 0 degrees to start a workout
The Eel Huts, probably very popular in the summer judging from how many huts there were with fishing equipment. 
 Birds? Elks? Loch Ness? 
 A very Silen Hill touch to it 

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