Tuesday, January 10

Tokyo Disney Sea

That one place full of happy thoughts & laughter! Really feels like going to a magical world when arriving at Disney. The nostalgic music playing from movies you used to watch over and over again as a kid. No matter how many times I come here it always feels good. If you haven't been, come and you'll know what I mean. For anyone who has not been to Disney: always go get a fast-pass to the most popular rides early in the morning so you don't have to que at all later in the day. I don't understand people who spend 60-90 minutes in lines. No thanks! 

Merry Christmas from Disney Monorail train 
Welcomed by this sight when entering the park 
Already Tokyo Disney Seas 15th anniversary
Center o the park is a huge pool with massive water performances a few times every day 
Perfect day!! 
Go look for a genie, or Aladdin in the land of 1000 and 1 nights 
Verne's center to the earth 
Skål with Dad! Beer in the sunshine and 20 degrees, Christmas weather in Tokyo don't get much better than this 
Off to do something terrifying. This is the fast-pass I mentioned earlier. You don't have to line up at all but need to come to this ride between 14-15. 
Free drop from up the top 
When they have the water show, it's packed! 
The new attraction: Toy Story Mania 
Gorgeous sunset 
Indiana Jones 
15th anniversary "stations" 
Ariels world 
Sail the 7 seas

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